Adper Single Bond Plus

by 3M ESPE

Adper Single Bond Plus - Adhesive Refill, 6 Gm. Vial.

  • Excellent shear bond strength
  • Easy-to-use unit dose; simply press one chamber and use
  • Nanofiller is stable and will not settle out of dispersion
  • Easy-dispensing bottle allows for visual inspection of exactly how much adhesive remains
  • Cap snaps securely shut to help minimize evaporation
  • No shaking required

Adper™ Single Bond Plus Adhesive is a fast, easy and convenient total-etch, single-component bonding agent with exceptional bond strength. Available in convenient unit-dose or easy dispensing bottle. This refill includes a 6g vial and instructions for use.

Suggested Applications

  • All direct, light-cured bonding procedures
  • Root surface desensitization
  • Porcelain and composite repair

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